Product Review: ToG Bookmarks


Product Overview:

Description- [ Each bookmark is sold individually ] Water color; Ink Pen; Water Color Paper THICK

Design- Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows

Rating- 5/5 stars

Quick Review- Very thick and well made! The water color design is so neat, it looks like it was printed! Also, the calligraphy is amazing! A perfect bookmark!


So a few days ago I received my first rep package from Caitlin over at @marquisdusoleil ! Caitlin owns an etsy shop where she sells water color bookmarks, illustrated prints/bookmarks, mugs, etc.

I’ll be reviewing more of Caitlin’s products in the future, but for right now, here is the ToG inspired Boommarks!


These bookmakrs are so well made! The texture and thickness of the paper is what ever bibliophile wants! Plus, it’s beautiful design! The water color painting blends so well! —and the way the paper is cut, (roughly but not too rough!) gives the bookmarks style!

Overall, the ToG bookmarks are a 5/5 stars product! I can’t wait to review more of Caitlin’s products!

You can also use my rep code: RUSTICPAGES15 to receive 15% off of your order! You can find Caitlin’s etsy & Instagram further at the top! (They should be in blue! Just click there!)

Until next time!

Kayli xx